For Holsøe Architects all tasks are  interesting, but there are no set recipes for the right solution. To be original and in line with client's needs, it is necessary to find the recipe that just fits the need. In Holsøe Architects, we have four core values that help us achieve that goal.

Architectural Attitude
The approach to our tasks is based on mutual professional respect among employees. The resources are utilized by a broad exchange of professional knowledge. In an atmosphere for active interest in the project, tasks are solved on the basis of a simple Scandinavian architectural tradition.


A good and close cooperation is essential for best results. We listen and ask about the client's wishes and requirements before we begin to transform ideas into solutions. The solution must not only match the client's expectations - it must also contain what he did not know he wanted, until he saw it. It is the immodest goal for us every time we put together a team for a job.