The concept behind the housing design was a wish to create a small residential complex with its own identity and embodying such values as a domestic atmosphere, security and a sense of belonging. An important element of the project was the necessity of incorporating the various units into an existing park.
The complex, which is situated in Ugandavej, Tårnby, consists of 32 senior citizen’s homes and a geriatric ward/care unit as well as a 1,400 m2 day centre housing a reception area, canteen, physiotherapy unit, therapy facilities, etc.

  • Address:
  • Ugandavej 149, 2770 Kastrup
  • Client:
  • Tårnby Kommune
  • Gross Floor Area:
  • 3.100 m2
  • Engineers:
  • Erik K. Jørgensen
  • Year:
  • 1997