Royal Inspector

In the periode 2004-2011, architect and partner in Holsøe Architects, Peter Holsøe, had the office of Royal Inspector for the 3rd Inspectorate, Group 1-buildings.

The Inspectorate include a number of government administration buildings on Slotsholmen in Copenhagen, including the Chancellery built in baroque style in 1721, the Württemberg’s Mansion from 1740, Proviantgården from 1604, the  Supreme Court from the beginning of the 1800s, the Ministry of Education, the Foreign Ministry buildings on Asiatisk Plads, Marienborg (the prime minister’s residence), 67 churches in the Diocese of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg Have, which is constructed as a romantic garden with lakes, canals and small bright buildings from the beginning of the 1800s.

Tasks include a 2-year building survey, against which to make a statement for maintenance and economy for the next 10 years. The maintenance consists of restoration and renovation, planning and construction.

Almost all the buildings are listed or have architectural or cultural significance.

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