The total 85,500 square meters large project on Hannemanns Allé in the northern part of Ørestad South is called Hannemannsparken. Floor space will be divided 2/3 for residential and 1/3 for commercial. The residential part is to contain both rental and owner-occupied, while the commercial part shares communal facilities such as reception, canteen, meeting rooms etc.
In the process of creating a unique result, some unconventional thinking has been done. Four architect teams with international participation, in a parallel assignment has given their opinions on how Hannemannsparken to look.

  • Address:
  • Hannemannsparken, Ørestaden
  • Client:
  • Nordkranen
  • Gross Floor Area:
  • 14.000 m2
  • Engineers:
  • -
  • Year:
  • 2008